PSA: Dr. Horrible to Air TONIGHT!

If somehow you missed the best web series ever (shut up, Adam) or failed to catch it on DVD or streaming (again, Adam, no comments), or haven’t found yourself humming “A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do” whilst taking out the garbage on Sunday night (Adam…SHOOSH); then you, my friend have a date with your TV tonight.

The CW (sigh) is giving “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” it’s first national TV airing at 9:00 PM! While I try not to advocate anything that CW puts on the airwaves (hence, why there’s been zero mention on this site of the sure-to-be-execrable “Arrow”); “Dr. Horrible” is the greatest thing to come out of the writer’s strike of a few years ago (with “Transformers 2: Michael Bay Thinks Balls and Racism Are Funny” being the worst). If you have the means, I highly recommend it.


4 thoughts on “PSA: Dr. Horrible to Air TONIGHT!

  1. Ummmmm…I’m not a Dr Horrible hater. i don’t *love* it. I enjoyed it. I’ve even recently re-watched it (it is/was on NetFlix streaming). It’s solidly ok (maybe even better than that). Some parts are awesome – some are a bit slow. A little editing, one or two more passes at the script – that entire writer’s strike thing, and it would have been really good.

    It’s my favorite web serial. As far as web series…I smell a future 3Way topic!

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