That’s it. Free time is over. Bye-bye free time.

I think it’s the Monster Bird/Chewbacca mash-up…or the Pig Star. I can’t decide which.

There’s also the inevitable toy line (with an AT-AT! AN AT-AT PEOPLE, I’M NOT MADE OF STONE!) and plushes. The announcement drops in about 30 minutes at NYCC. God help us all.


As expected, Toys R Us now has the toy sets up for pre-order. I’m not going to lie, the Piggie Rancor in the Jabba’s Palace set might be the most awesome thing ever.


AND NOW THE TOYS ARE GONE! It’s an Angry Bird/Star Wars conspiracy! We will not let this truth go uncovered! We will not let them deny you the right to look at unreleased toys! BEHOLD!



2 thoughts on “WELP!

  1. The question becomes – does the price for the game increase dramatically given the Lucas involvement? I won’t be shocked if it is $4.99 (or $5.99) instead of $2.99. (and that will sadden my wallet, by a $1 or $2)

  2. Nah – Lucas can bluster all he wants; but Rovio has a juggernaut and they know how to market their games. Expensive iOS games do not sell.

    Maybe it’ll go up by a buck; but they’re making their money with the merchandise tie-ins on this one.

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