Friday Diversion: Die Harderest

Here at Sweep-the-Leg we know that work time is precious. A time to put your head down and get be productive. Work harder, get ahead. Well…then there’s Friday afternoon. We all need a diversion on Friday afternoons. Today’s diversion…My wife knows I’m a true romantic at heart. I even have our Valentine’s Day date for next year planned out. What a better time/event/occasion to unleash the fourth sequel to the greatest Christmas movie ever told?  I give you the first trailer for “A Good Day to DIE HARD.”

OK, so some thoughts on this…This looks more like “Live Free or Die Hard” than “Die Hard.” And Bruce Willis is mugging for the camera waaaay too much (hell, even the still the clip above freezes on). Both of those sadden me a bit, but I can deal with it.

The thing that I really like? Like more than anything? The coolest thing about this trailer that makes this movie worth existing? Turning “Ode to Joy” into a fracking ACTION THEME SONG! Seriously, how cool is that?


4 thoughts on “Friday Diversion: Die Harderest

  1. Yeah, but that friendly grandpa is going to fill your keester full of led with his pump action shotgun.

    (Hmmm should I make this sentence less of a double entendre, nahhh!)

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