PSA: Zombies and Bloggers and eBooks – Oh My!

Just in time for that most hallowed of eves, the eBook edition of the first novel in Mira Grant’s excellent Newsflesh trilogy, “Feed,” is on sale for only $1.99!

That’s just under $2 for one of the smartest takes on zombies and new media I’ve read in a very long time. Seriously, it’s as much of a pro-Blogger book as it is an anti-zombie one. The characters are charming (in their own way) and the first book sets the stage for one of the better “horror genre” trilogies out there.

Worth it? You bet your rotted tuckus it is.


6 thoughts on “PSA: Zombies and Bloggers and eBooks – Oh My!

  1. Very much worth the $2. Solid book. I think the trilogy needs some overall editing, but I enjoyed every book (and the first was by far the best). The end still gets me.

      • Really? I have liked her – but I never read any of the other stuff. It’s worth going back and reading?

      • Her other stuff? No clue – never read any of her non-pseudonym stuff; but I know it’s goth girlie, so I’ll pass.

        But the extra Newsflesh stuff is great – she obviously did a lot of world-building and it’s nice to see the ancillary stuff that’s out there (there are two novellas on Amazon that I’ve had my eye on – “Countdown” that details the days before the Rising, and another that’s set at SDCC the day of the Rising. “Fed” is free, though, so it’s definitely worth it (caveat: I’m a sucker for alternate endings).

      • I’ve been intrigued by the one set at SSDC. But, I haven’t bitten on it yet. As for alt endings…I like them in movies. The “what could have been” and see interesting storyline changes take place. I’ve never read a book one (not counting a “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

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