The Threeway: Best Post-Buffy/Angel Roles

This might, might, come as a surprise, but we here at Sweep The Leg enjoy the works of Joss Whedon. Now while you cinch your jaw back up and pick yourself up off the floor, I would like to point out that we understand that carrying a torch for a pair of shows that have been off the air for nearly a decade is unhealthy, maybe even foolhardy. So we are not going to obsess about “Buffy” and “Angel,” no.

We’re going to obsess about what the alum of those shows have been up to since!

3. Can we talk for a second how unrepentant of a nerd Seth Green is? That wall of action figures in Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” video?  His. The Twitter feed that’s littered with gushing send ups of NASA and various video games? Also his. That stop-action animation show where you’re just as likely to see Voltron break dancing as you are Clifford being castrated by a bucket crane? You bet your ass that’s his. Green’s greatest hat trick was getting cast as the “cool” kid on Buffy; because he could then use his spotlight to illuminate hardcore geekdom and somehow convince everyone else that it was just as “cool” as playing in a band and occasionally wolfing out and trying to eat your friends. “Robot Chicken” was his first big production credit after “Buffy” ended and it seemed incredibly niche: 80s nostalgia-bait, as depicted by their action figures, acting out the horribly inappropriate scenarios that all nerds have entertained themselves with since time immemorial. But it worked, because he knew what all nerds know, pop-culture characters acting in ways that go deeply off-script is damn funny. Just queue up the…OK, you know what, I just spent a good 15 minutes lost in “Robot Chicken” clips and can’t even remember which one I went looking for. It’s funny, it’s nerdy, and it’s the best thing Green’s done since “Buffy.” M’kay?

2. Ah, Wes. Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham Price was by far my favorite character in “Angel.” So much so, that I wrote up a long treatise wherein I proposed that the underlying story of that series was more of a character development arc for him than for the main character. So maybe I’m biased. Scratch that, I’m biased. Still, his character on “How I Met Your Mother,” Sandy Rivers, is goofy fun personified. It’s not quite an “Anchorman” quality send-up of network news anchors; but the barely-believable American accent and over-exaggerated mannerisms come together in a way that’s wonderfully watchable and makes me wish that they’d get rid of Ted and replace him with Sandy.

1. Speaking of “How I Met Your Mother,” Alyson Denisof (nee Hannigan) is by far the shining star in the post-“Buffy” world. Willow got bogged down by black magic and lesbianism in her last couple of seasons; making her development arc a god-awful mess and resulting in a Willow Rosenberg that had lost that edge of clueless naiveté that made her fun to watch. Denisof as Lilly, however, totally makes “How I Met Your Mother” (well, that’s not true – Neil Patrick Harris totally makes it). Her character flirts with normality, only to chuck it out the window and go play in the crazy. She’s wise and manipulative, and almost always right. And through it all she looks about as threatening as a bag of puppies. While I can watch her hubby on the same show and think “Oooh! Wes is on!” the same can’t be said for her – Lily makes me forget that the same actress played Willow, and that’s a damn fine trick.


3 thoughts on “The Threeway: Best Post-Buffy/Angel Roles

  1. Great choices. I’m replotting my Top 3 – as this was it. You literally took every spot I was going to (seriously). I’ll find something…

  2. In terms of success, I’d have to put Vincent Kartheiser’s role as Pete on Mad Men ahead of Alexis Denisof. Them again, perhaps you were looking for comedies.

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