Dexter Season 7 DVD – An Open Letter to Showtime

Dear Showtime

WTF were you thinking? This might not be the most elegant opening, but seriously…WTF? (Spoilers to “Dexter: Season 7” below. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading.)

I’m a big fan of Dexter. I don’t have cable (if I did – I would also have Showtime) so I watch the seasons once released on DVD. I avoid spoilers as best I can and graciously pay NetFlix to send me the discs to enjoy.

I sat down to enjoy Season 7. Before I could get to the show you made me sit through an incredibly long promo of your shows. You can’t bypass this promo (no fast forwarding, no skipping, no jumping to the menu). That’s ok – I understand. You want to sell me, the DVD watcher, on your shows. You want me to subscribe to Showtime. Thus a promo in front of Dexter. No problem.

HOWEVER! During the promo you showed scenes of Dexter. Not any scenes but you showed THE MONEY SHOT AND BIG TWIST ENDING TO THE ENTIRE SEASON! WTF ARE YOU THINKING???

Then, I have to watch the promo EVERY TIME I PUT IN THE DISCS. So, if I watch one episode a night – I have to see the promo 13 times. And, 13 times I have to see Dexter killing DDK while Deb walks in (and they make eye contact).

Why on Earth would you show the BIG TWIST ENDING in the promo for the show I’M ABOUT TO WATCH??? What is the logic there? How does that make me want to subscribe to Showtime? Subscribe to our channel or we’ll spoil our own shows to you! Nice marketing.

So, customer service, can you answer this? Can you tell me why you spoil your own shows?

Thank you.


NOTE: I sent this to Showtime customer service as well. I’ll publish any response.



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