Friday Diversion: “Do it Anyway!”

I know I told my fellow Adam that I was going to step aside and let him take all the glory for this week’s diversion, but then I remembered that motto of this blog is “Nerds Without Mercy!” So Mr. DiMuzio I’m sweeping the leg, and yes it feels good.

Aside from pulling the carpet out from underneath a fellow Adam, what could make this merciless attack even sweeter? The answer to that is easy, Fraggles.

When Ben Folds Five was making a video for their song “Do It Anyway,” (which is off, “The Sound of the Life of the Mind,”  their first new album in 13 years) what did they do to ensure its success? I’m sure their first response was hire Anna Kendrick, but I’m sure their second or third response was Fraggles.

In short, Ben Folds Five reaffirms the scientific fact that all you need to make any situation better is muppets.


4 thoughts on “Friday Diversion: “Do it Anyway!”

  1. What happened? I had an article all set up to drop at 3pm and…my leg got swept? DAMN!

    I don’t think Uncle Traveling Matt would approve. (but, secretly, I do. Good show).

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