Drop Everything! Manimal to Return!

Rawr (sadly, that’s better than any one liner ever featured on the show)

Not a hoax!

Not a joke!

The ridiculously brief, completely atrocious 80s TV series, “Manimal” has been picked up by Sony Pictures as the latest in completely nonsenical nostalgia cash-ins!

“Hey, what if we made TRON, but with a production value of zero?”

Really, I could care less. But for every ridiculous revival like this that happens, we get that much closer to a full on “Automan” remake.

Hey, a nerd can dream.


2 thoughts on “Drop Everything! Manimal to Return!

  1. Wait, wait, wait, wait…”Manimal” was on TV for like 5 weeks. There’s a nostalgia cashin for that? And yet “Greatest American Hero” goes un-remade?

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