The Splash Page: Scott’s a Dick

I haven’t been reading “Avengers vs. X-Men” (or “AvX” if you’re a cool kid); but it seems to follow Marvel’s typical summer event arc thusly: “Hey, one superhero with this is cool. How about we give this to A WHOLE SHITLOAD of superheros? That’d be AWESOME. Also. NEW COSTUMES! Yaaaaaaaay.”

The McGuffin last year in “Fear Itself” was Asgardian hammers…and fucking everyone got one. This year, they restrained themselves and decided to only empower five superheroes with the power to destroy the cosmos. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Hope Summers, and…Namor? all got a little chunk of the Phoenix force and remade the Marvel universe in their own, mutant-friendly, image. Obviously, there’s been a lot of scene-chewing going on; but the biggest, most lasting, takeaway is this:

Scott Summers is a dick. Spoilers after the jump!

All Cyke has done since getting his chunk of the Phoenix Force Five (not the real name, sadly) is talk about how awesome he is and about how misinformed and feeble the rest of the world is. He’s been a pompous ass who’s decided he knows better than the entire universe what’s best for it.

And then, in a fit of flamey pique (which seems to accompany everything he does now – must make peeing difficult), where he expresses that he has daddy issues, he killed Chuck.


If I’m not mistaken, this will be the first time we’ve had an honest-to-goodness death from Xavier. He’s been vaporized (but was teleported to the future before he was really fried), gone missing (went to space), and rendered comatose; but this is his first full-blown, on-panel, “Squish. Like a grape.” death. Will he come back? Probably – I’m sure he has psychic backup plans in place for this eventuality; but it’ll be hard to do so. Also, Bendis has expressed that Xavier is more of an anachronism at this point, that his wards don’t really need their mentor anymore. Which makes sense, really, as my reaction to the news wasn’t one of shock, but more of “Huh, wasn’t he dead already?”

In the end, Xavier is worth more as a plot device in Cyclops’ decent into dickdom; it’s a move that will cement Cyke’s place as a full-blown villain. I suppose it’s the only way to make interesting the sole X-man who’s real mutant power is Xtreme Blandness.

Rest in peace, Chuck.


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