The Splash Page: Billy the Vampire Slayer?

I started out my life on the internet as a reviewer for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” So I came here ready to rant and rave. Y’see – they’ve continued Buffy in a increasingly less interesting and more “Buh-WHA?” series of comics. Currently we’re on Season 9 and the upcoming issue is going to feature…well…

Everyone, say hello to Billy the Vampire Slayer. Billy, say hello to the five or ten people that are still reading Season 9.

So a male vampire slayer already has me firing up my rant engines. But then Espenson (who’s penning this arc) let it drop to CBR that Billy is gay and that’s why he’s the first male slayer.

We want YOU! …to suffer horribly, lose your family, and probably have to kill your boyfriend, m’kay?

Cue the “Buh-WHA?”

However, once you get past the headline-grabbing demographic bits, it turns out there’s a method to this madness. See, Billy isn’t an honest-to-Joss “Slayer” but someone who is inspired by their mythos, sees a need in his community, and takes it upon himself to become like his heroines. Even though he can’t tap into their power. Even though he’s completely alone in his battle. Which, in my mind, makes Billy one of the most badass Slayers out there.

And, really – who can resist the pull of a group who puts out such lovely recruitment posters?


4 thoughts on “The Splash Page: Billy the Vampire Slayer?

  1. I’ve been staring at the reply screen for ten minutes trying to figure out how I feel about this…

    Who reads this comic? Probably mostly straight guys who are attracted to the kick-ass hottie female hero. So naturally the writers would want to switch to a non kick-ass, non-hottie male hero. Makes perfect sense in a Titanic sort of way.

    • I get why they’re doing it; but you’re right, it doesn’t hew with their target demographic. Though it’s a much more even-handed treatment of the subject than when Buffy had her lesbian trist in Season 8 (speaking of catering to horny male comic readers…)

      And by “even-handed” I mean “covered in blood and gore,” of course.

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