Movie Quote Monday

I just used this line in casual conversation. I don’t think anyone caught it as a movie reference and that saddens me.

The truth is a virus.


You know the rules. Put other lines from this fantastically dated movie of 90s teen angst (and a movie that could 100% be easily remade in today’s culture).


12 thoughts on “Movie Quote Monday

  1. I built a playlist for the soundtrack in Spotify. It’s better than the original cuz you can use Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” (instead of the..Concrete Blonds (?)) and “If It Be Your Will” (left off the soundtrack). Also, left off the soundtrack (and on Spotify) – “Love Comes in Spurts.”

    Something tells me I’ll be listening to that later today…

    • They’re saying that I shouldn’t think things like this. that’s something’s wrong with me. That I should be ashamed. Well, I’m sick of being ashamed. Aren’t you? I don’t mind be dejected and rejected but I’m not going to be ashamed about it.

      • Geek side note: I did that entire speech as a monologue in Drama class my senior year of high school. Other kids did Shakespeare. I win.

  2. And while we’re totally not on the subject, this is a great example of romance in a movie. Attraction. What Spielberg totally seems incapable of producing in any of his films.

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