The Threeway: Top Hair Metal Bands (Adam’s Take)

So…we’ve been pretty movie heavy as of late. But, our geeky interests go beyond just movies (and comics in Anthony’s case). Our interests are varied. We can be obnoxiously geeky about other things. Like 80s Hair Metal!

First…I need to draw a line in the sand. I love Bon Jovi. They are my favorite band (bar none). I’m not sure I classify them as a Hair Band, however. Had they died out in the 80s, then sure. But, really, once they released Keep The Faith they transcended Hair Band. Thus, the the boys from Jersey won’t appear on this list. Additionally, I think “Glam” with Hair Band. Thus, Motley Crue isn’t on this list. They had hair, but I never considered them Glam. It’s a fine line (like a strand of hair).

Here are the top 3 bands that 100% embody the essence of Hair Band:

3) Cinderella – I always liked Cinderella, but never loved them until I saw them live (opening for Poison way past both of their primes). That night my appreciation for them changed dramatically. For the most part they played their usual hits (Night Moves, Nobody’s Fool, etc.). Then, they played this (a song I had never heard) and they instantly shot into my Top 3:

2) Warrant – Their hair band time really spans two albums: Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and Cherry Pie. They’ve had more (and Dog Eat Dog has some good stuff on it) but by then… they lost it. They tried for something new and never found it. But, in the hay day (or hair day?) they were metal. Pretty much everything off Cherry Pie is hair perfect (except for Song and Dance Man). Even the deep tracks (Love in Stereo, You’re the only Hell (Mamma Ever Raised), Mr. Rainmaker) are great, but they don’t eclipse the title track or Uncle Tom’s Cabin or I Saw Red – but they round out the album perfectly. But their best? I once saw them in concert and Jani Lane rang out “It’s wimpy ballad time” before singing it, but…

1) Poison – Even now they still light the flame. The lighter is in the air. Touring every year and rocking the amphitheater. Now, the last two year’s they haven’t played Something to Believe in (at least in Tampa), and that confuses me. But, every disc they have, every song they sang (even their current stuff) is 100% pure Hair (Ok, maybe not Poison’d). The Hair Band movement really started and stopped with them (and never ended for them). If it wasn’t for Curt Cobain showing up to Headbanger’s Ball in a dress…. Poison would still be rocking the charts:


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