Power Girl – Concrete Cheescake

As promised. BEWBS!

Power Girl and her…ahem…assets have always been major flamebait on both sides of the “Comics is a Gross Boy’s Club” debate. And, yeah, you put your heroine in a costume that sports a boob window, there’s going to be some grumbling. However, in the hands of talented writers, her boobs are handled with aplomb.

*rereads last sentence*

*ahem*…you’d better just join me after the jump to see if I can dig myself out of this hole. 

When DC relaunched Power Girl’s individual title a couple of years back, they made two smart decisions – to hire artists who could do justice to Superman’s well-endowed cousin and to hire writers who were acutely aware of PG’s history and would make sure that the endowment issue wasn’t just addressed; but explicitly utilized. She’s not the ditzy damsel who just hangs out of her tops, seemingly oblivious of the effect it has. To wit:

She’s the boss of her own scientific research company and makes sure the brilliant, if horny, employees know that SHE KNOWS they’re staring. Also, there’s great tounge-in-cheek bits like this:


So some of the humor is definitely juvenile; but we are talking about naughty bits and boys, after all, there’s got to be some cheap laughs thrown in.

What I love is that PG uses what she’s got both in her undercover and super-hero life. She even muses out loud during one fight that her costume is cut the way it is to distract her opponents…right before she delivers a blow that would rip someone’s head off. She might be cheesecake, but she’s made of denser stuff. Concrete Cheescake, if you will.


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