In Joss We Trust

Wait, wait wait… aren’t I the same guy who wrote the “mehVengers” counterpoint column that enraged so many? (Hint: yes) Now I’m here proclaiming the virtues of Joss? Yup.

Here’s the thing. I’m a big Joss fan (and I loved “The Avengers.”) But, I’m selfish. I’d rather see quantity of output from his creative mind. We know we’ll get quality from him as well. But, I’d rather get 22 hours of diversion from him a week. Not two hours every three years.

Word comes out today that ABC is moving forward with the new Marvel TV show “SHIELD.” (Shocking. Disney owns ABC and Marvel, corporate synergy FTW!) Bonus is that Joss is at the helm (which we knew would be the case). And he’s co-writing it. And, he’ll likely direct the pilot.

Hulk Smash!

That gets me excited. A new Joss show. On a network that will give the show a chance (not place it in a death time slot, show episodes out of order, give it proper promotion, etc.). This is what I wanted to see when Joss signed on for “Avengers 2.” I’ll see the movie but I’m far more excited about the show.



7 thoughts on “In Joss We Trust

  1. Actually, reading the creative team breakdown on this, I’m less thrilled. While “Dr. Horrible” continues to be one of my favorite Whedonian treats, this particular team was also responsible for the decidedly uneven “Dollhouse” (which had great, but squandered, potential).

    Dare I say it? I want more Joss in this. A single directed ep does not a successful show make.

    • My theory is that Dollhouse was neutered at Fox. I think Joss and Gang pitched (as a series) what essentially was the season 1 and series finale. The world gone wrong aspect. They (again, in theory) pitched a series that would lead you to that. Fox (I assume) got stuck on the “girl becomes someone else, every week” aspect.

      So, in theory, I can trust the team. And, I’ve got a feeling (see what I did there) that Joss will be more creatively invested. I’d imagine that the show will indirectly mention the Avengers (characters and movie 2). Thus they can weave storyline points. This only works (well) if the show runner is Joss. Given his Disney/Marvel deal – I’d imagine he’s pretty well locked on board for this.

      • Excellent points, sir – I see great wisdom in your analysis.

        Why Joss kept going to Fox is beyond me.

        Now he just needs to bring back Coulton (granted, in a horrible, tortured form because, well…Joss).

      • Who says Coulton is dead? Seriously. He’s shot. Next scene Fury says it – to get the team Assembled (sorry, couldn’t help it). Easiest writing ever: Fury lied.

      • So the whole “Coulton stops breathing” thing was just for funsies?

        No, he’s dead. Which opens up a lot more possibilities for his return.

      • did he flat line on screen? Was there a funeral? Did we see a body? Easiest writing ever. Fury Lied. Start printing the T-Shirts with that slogan (we’ll make a mint!)

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