The Splash Page: Iron Land

Well that’s actually pretty nice…

Here we go again (man, I didn’t think I was going to have this much material this soon).

OK – so Marvel saw what an absolute shitfest the New 52 has been for DC. It alienated fans, didn’t draw in new readers, and just confused the shit out of everyone. So they stayed the course, kept tilling their little plot of continuity on their acreage, and decided to do a half reboot of their titles called Marvel NOW!


The worst news, of course, was that Greg Land (the entire reason that I stopped reading most Marvel comics – not that I don’t enjoy traced over pornface for every. single. character.) would be loosed on one of the best performing, best written characters in the entire Marvel stable – Iron Man. “But, Anthony!” you say “At least it’s Iron Man, right? He can’t pornface up Iron Man!”

HAHAHAHAHA – come with me, my naive little grasshopper.

As soon as posted the exclusive pages on Thursday afternoon, the denizens of the CBR forums got to sleuthing and came up with not just some, but all of the source material for Land’s “artwork” for the aforementioned pages. Behold!

Well that looks…not at all original.


Though I suppose this proves that, in only a few short Photoshop sessions, I too can launch an exciting new career as a comic book artist! Go me!

Seriously, Marvel – can we stop playing this game where you keep giving Land chances to prove himself as a serious comic book artist and not just a two-bit Google Image Search addict? Justifying this kind of laziness demoralizes those with legitimate creative talent who are trying to break in to the industry and makes your comics look like nothing more than copy/paste image searches with words bubbles, not cohesive stories. You might make deadlines and push out a couple extra books a year; but you lose fans and the creators that could bring them back to the fold. That’s a pretty risky game to play in an industry as fickle as comics.


4 thoughts on “The Splash Page: Iron Land

    • Well no, because then it would be far too easy to ID his source images. But I’m betting his Tony DOES look like whatever male leads are currently bow-chikka-wowing in his favorite spank movie.

    • Land is why I quit Marvel. The fact that he continues to get work with them speaks VOLUMES as to what’s wrong with comics today. He took what was one of my favorite series, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and turned into unreadable drek.

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