The Threeway: Tony Scott Films (Adam’s Take)

Well…I was going to put “True Romance” and “The Last Boy Scout” on my list. But, with both Anthony and Janie having the exact same three movies (those two and the obligatory “Top Gun”) I find myself tasked with not “The Top 3 Tony Scott Movies” but three others. I mean, we can’t all have the same movies. So, I’m going with the next three:

3) Enemy of the State – A fantastic thriller where Scott went Big Willy Style in the part reserved for Denzel Washington later in Scott’s career (see “Taking of Pelham 123,” “Man on Fire,” “Deja Vu,” or “Unstoppable”). “Enemy” is Scott channeling his inner Hitchcock as Will Smith is a regular joe on the run from some faceless government entity.

2) “Days of Thunder” – This might as well have been called “Top Gun 2.” They are the exact same movie, except you switch planes for cars. Oddly, I always liked “Days of Thunder” more than “Top Gun” (although “Gun” is infinitely more quotable). It might be because I saw “Days” as part of a double-feature with “Ghost.” I have no idea why that impacts me but it does.

1) “Crimson Tide” – the movie that starts off Scott’s love affair with Washington is the best. Actually, there are a few “Tide” people that influence Scott’s career. You have the first pairing with Washington, a script that was doctored (uncredited) by Tarantino (who wrote Scott’s best film “True Romance”) and a first go around with Gene Hackman (who reappears in “Enemy of the State”).

Whereas “State” played on a mistrust of the government, “Tide” rolls (see what I did there) back further and creates a cold war film. The Russians are the bad guys and they could be firing nuclear weapons at the Eastern United States. The Crimson Tide is a nuclear Sub that could retaliate. The question is – did the Russians fire and did the President give the order to fire back? If they don’t respond quick enough – the US could lose a war before it even starts and if the Tide fires without knowledge it could plunge the planet into a nuclear holocaust.


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