The Threeway – Tony Scott Films

Movies lost one its own yesterday – whatever the circumstances, a sad day indeed.  Rest in peace, Tony Scott. In his memory, our Threeway this week is favorite/top Tony Scott films.

#3: Top Gun

I feel the need, the need for speed. This movie helped define my early-adolescence. No kidding. I saw it with a neighbor, then loved it so much I immediately took my parents back to see it with me.  (I realized that was probably a mistake about the time Maverick & Goose were “…communicating. You know, keeping up foreign relations” with the MiG28. And then knew it was a mistake by the time Berlin’s Take My Breath Away came on. But alas…). It was a beautiful music video, the epitome of cool late 80s action films, and l loved it.

#2 True Romance

I will admit I believe Quinton Tarantino really added more of True Romance’s magic than Tony Scott. Either way, it was still great. Clever to a fault, brutal to the nth degree, exceedingly quotable. You can’t help but love it even as you cringe.  You’re so cool. You’re so cool. You’re so cool.

#1 The Last Boy Scout

That’s right; you can all kiss my ass. This movie holds a special place in my heart (as do many early 90s films) because it came out while I worked at the best job ever: a movie theater in Atlanta. (Adam worked there too – although he was known then as Vinnie – but I was always the better employee.)  So I admit I have a certain sentimentality towards this movie to begin with. And I know the movie sucks. And that the word “fuck” is used over 100 times (102 to be exact). But I love it anyway.  “The sky is blue, water is wet, women have secrets. Who gives a fuck?”  Poetry.


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