The Threeway – Tony Scott Films (Anthony’s Take)

Yesterday when I heard the news of Tony Scott’s death I said “Who’s Tony Scott?”

After Janie and Adam finished beating me to a bloody pulp, I IMDB’d the cat, and said “Oh shit! THAT’S Tony Scott?” So here’s my quick dedication to one of the men that made summer movies a blast…literally.

#3 True Romance

Honestly, I had this movie attributed to Quentin Tarantino (who did the screenplay, so that makes sense); but this was 90s gun drama at its squirmy best. You had Slater at the top of his popularity, doing the sneering cool guy he does best, you had Walken and Hopper in a no-holds-barred competition to see who could chew more scenery, you had copious gunplay, buckets of blood, and dialogue bawdy enough to satisfy a fleet of Merchant Marines.  Sure as fuck took the sting out of my Freshman semester at college.

#2 The Last Boy Scout

Can I tell you how much I love this movie? Exceedingly violent (seeing a trend here?), peppered with more fucks than a strip club outside the GNP Conference (that was a political joke, son), and again featuring a male actor at the top of his game (Bruce Willis was just at that sweet spot of too old to play young and just old enough to make fun of himself being old). Plus we get one of the best opening line introductions to a character ever: “I think I fucked a squirrel to death and I don’t remember.”

#1 Top Gun

Oh my God. You want to cringe? Go pop this movie in right now and remember how insane over it you were when it came out. Think about how cool you thought Tom Cruise and Iceman were. Remember how you wanted desperately to be a Navy fighter pilot (even though your corrective lenses would forever eliminate that option). Then…right when you get to the volleyball scene, put it on slow-mo and soak that in. Unless you ended up sporting an alternate lifestyle as a result of “Top Gun” (and I’m not saying that’s outside the realm of possibility) you will very quickly realize that the girls in your class were excited over this movie for VERY DIFFERENT REASONS…and that your enthusiasm over it possibly had more to do with you not dating till your Junior year of high school than you imagined. I still love the shit out of this movie, though. I still tear up when Goose dies. And I still try to do the Iceman pen flip. I feel the need! The need…for speed!

Thanks for the adrenaline rush, Tony.


One thought on “The Threeway – Tony Scott Films (Anthony’s Take)

  1. At some point I’ll get my threeway written for this and… it may contain a few of these (but not Top Gun. I was never a fan. Sadly, I liked “Days of Thunder” (aka Top Gun 2) more.

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