Threeway: Top 3 Sports Movies (Adam’s Take)

With the Olympic flame dying out for another four years (no one counts the Winter Olympics, right?), we felt it was necessary to relive our favorite sports movies. What are the Top 3 Sports Movies of all time? Glad you asked. I probably need to clarify criteria first. I’m going with my favorite ones. “Bang the Drum Slowly” isn’t going to make the list. Neither will “Brian’s Song.” They are great – but not something I can pop into the DVD player on any given day.

Before I start, the real question is… does “The Big Lebowski” count as a sports movie? It’s all about Bowling. Speaking of Bowling… this list doesn’t contain “Kingpin” and I realize now that that is a shame. Speaking of Bill Murray movies, I also didn’t include “Caddyshack.” This list is obviously incomplete.

3)  “Bloodsport” – Hell’s yes! Starting off this list with some Van Dammage! I remember my dad seeing this one late night when he couldn’t sleep. The next morning he kept telling me about it. Encouraging me to stay up late in a few nights and watch it. I think I was in 9th Grade or something. Stay up late to watch a karate movie? OK! I was instantly hooked. I’ve seen the sequels (they are awful) and I followed Van Damme’s career ever since (as painful as that has been). Always hoping that someday I’ll see something this awesome again. Please Mr. Van Damme? Do your jump kick again for me.

2) “Victory” – Wait, what? You’ve never seen “Victory”? Wait, what? You’ve never heard of it? Come on, it’s the Great Soccer Movie! Or, the only soccer movie? It gives you the cinematic connection of Pele and Sylvester Stallone! I mean – how have you missed this? OK, in all honesty, this probably isn’t on my Top 3. “Rocky III” is likely the Stallone sports movie that I’d include. But, since I don’t know anyone else that’s seen “Victory” I wanted to give it some extra love. “Rocky III” is the one with Mr. T., for those fools that I pity that don’t remember.

1) “The Natural” – About every 10 years I think to myself “I wonder if ‘The Natural’ is as good as I remember.” So I re-watch it. And it always amazes me. I’m not a big baseball fan, but “The Natural” makes me believe. Whereas the others on this list are cheesy greatness that I adore, this is an honest answer. “The Natural” is a fantastic movie with Robert Redford at the height of his charm. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen it… might have to revisit it soon.

And, of course, an honorable mention has to go to “The Karate Kid.” I mean, serious, it gave us… Sweep The Leg!


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