Steaming Saturday: World’s Greatest Dad

Honestly, I was going to write this one on “God Bless America” also by writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait (yea, that guy. He didn’t die in the ’80s, apparently).  But then I realized that “World’s Greatest Dad” was streaming now as well. “God Bless America” was good but it had one huge, glowing flaw: It wasn’t “World’s Greatest Dad.”

That may seem mean, that I only judge a film by another by the same creative team. Unfortunately, that’s the position that Bobcat put me in by creating, quite possibly, the darkest comedy ever made with “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Darkest Comedy ever? Yeah. How dark? Imagine a episode of “Breaking Bad” as a comedy. And then, make it so you feel dirty watching it. That dark. It’s so dark that I’m not even going to tell you what it is about. Go into it totally innocent.

Wait… should you watch it? If you can handle darkness – then I recommend it. If you are not easily offended (because you will be offended) – then I recommend it. If you… hell, I don’t recommend this movie to “just anyone.” If you think you can handle it – I recommend it. If you think, at all, that based on this paragraph, that you shouldn’t watch it – you’re right. But, if you’re intrigued enough… It’s Streaming Now.


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