Counterpoint: Joss and “Mehvengers 2”

AssembleOK…this is like throwing chum in the water. We’ll see who’s faster, Anthony or Janie to respond to this and tear me apart. But, honestly, my reaction to Joss directing “Avengers 2” was “meh.”

Let me put this into some perspective. I loved “The Avengers” (it was on my Top 3 Superhero movie list the other week). “Angel,” “Buffy,” and “Firefly” are three of my favorite shows of all time. I’m a Whedonite.

Which is why I’m “meh” about this. He’s already done “The Avengers” (and did it well) I want him to move on. I don’t want to wait another three years before I get my next fix (not counting “Much Ado About Nothing” later this year which…I’m skeptical about – given the fact it was shot over a weekend in his backyard).

I want Whedon NOW. As such, I found it much more exciting that he’ll be involved in the show that Marvel is pitching ABC. That excites me. He’ll be anchored by “Avengers 2” though. It’ll weigh him down. He won’t get lost in the TV side because he’ll be prepping the Next Big Thing. Remember the last time he wasn’t completely invested in TV? We got “Dollhouse” (which was OK, but it didn’t live up to its pedigree).

Get him back on TV. Give me 22 hours of Whedon to digest a year. Not 2.5 hours in three years.

Secondly…and this may be unfair, but too bad. When “Iron Man” came out geeks went nutz and said “YES! Favreau for the Win! He’s GOT to do “Iron Man 2!” And, he did. How’d that work for you? You weren’t clamoring for him for Part 3, were you? No, you were happier that he spread his wings to “Cowboys & Aliens” (even if the result was awful). I’m much more excited about Shane Black doing “Iron Man 3” than I am about Joss doing “Avengers 2.”

I like new blood to spice things up. I like people that are hungry. Joss had the Eye of the Tiger with “Avengers.” He had a need to show Hollywood that he could play their game. Will he have it again? Essentially, “Avengers” is Rocky in “Rocky I and II.” Is “Avengers 2” Joss’ Clubber Lang?


14 thoughts on “Counterpoint: Joss and “Mehvengers 2”

  1. Riddle me this, dumb ass: which is better Godfather or Godfather II?

    I just unfriended you every possible level. You’re causing me to almost wreck by trying to type this and drive at the same time. But if I die, I want you to feel more guilty that you said “meh” and Joss Whedon and Avengers 2 in the same sentence.

    • Joss is not ’70s Coppola. (90s Joss TV is ’70s Cinema Coppola though). You prove more of my point. Put Joss back where he belongs. Just like Coppola needed to make Apocalypse Now during the decade where he was at his height. Put Joss back where he belongs.

  2. There’s no way to use the “Adam you ignorant slut” tag in a reply, so I’ll just say it here. Twice.

    Adam, you ignorant slut.

    Now that Joss has proven he knows how self-edit so that he can appeal to a mass audience, AND the comic-book-store faithful, AND the studio executives, AND the onscreen talent, you want him to ditch it and leave this carefully crafted property in someone else’s hands? This story arc that he’s been involved in for years and pitched to the producers with a crazy-ass endgame that he knew they’d never go for? Except they did. He is going to get to craft the Marvel superhero story of his DREAMS and you would prefer he go muddle around in TV for a bit because he might get distracted?

    AND you’re comparing Favreau to Whedon? PUH-LEASE! Favreau didn’t know what he had with “Iron Man.” He didn’t realize how huge it was going to be. He got greedy and drunk on his own success. The fact that he didn’t get the payday he wanted is what 86’ed “Iron Man 2,” not because he had too many pokers in the fire. Whedon has lightning in a bottle right now. He respects that. He knows nerds like no one else.

    You have bigger issues than I could have ever dreamed.

    • Joss didn’t have final Edit of “Avengers.” Disney did. You can bet that changes for 2. Which, is also what happened with IM2 (where Fav got final edit).

      • History says it is MUCH more likely that they will have the same effect. There are few Godfather I and II examples. Imagine if Coppola did a Godfather III. Think it would have been as good? Bad example? OK, let’s go Sci-Fi. What about an awesome director like Ridley Scott. What would have happened if he revisited the Alien universe? Do you think we would have gotten “Aliens”?

        IM1/IM2 is a great example. Jon is a better director than Joss (although Joss is a far better story teller). They are in similar places in terms of telling Hollywood they can do it. They both succeeded. I think that went to Jon’s head (and I don’t think it will to Joss’). But, the fact remains, sequels are rarely as good. And, sequels by returning directors… less so.

        Remember what happened when Lucas had another director do “Empire” but then returned for the prequels? “Back to the Future II” mean anything to you? Hell, I’ll attack my Liege the Great Spielberg! Wanna know how excited I was that HE was coming back for Lost World: Jurassic Park II?

        Joss may pull it out. There’s always a “Terminator”/”T2” exception to the rule. But, history shows me that I’m more than likely correct.

      • I know you are giddy with the knowledge that you can jerk both my and Anthony’s chain with Whedon bashing. Kudos for figuring that out so early in the game. But you’re still an ignorant slut.

        Adam, we get it. You have misgivings with Joss as a movie director. You have a “Serenity” phobia (although imo, not liking “Serenity” is just further proof you were dropped on your head as a baby).

        I believe Joss’ TV experience will help him avoid some of the potential pitfalls of “Avengers 2.” Plus, I agree with everything our much more intelligent and reasonable friend Anthony has said.

    • But I never bashed Whedon! In fact – I said I liked him! Did I mention my unlove for “Sleep” or whatever the movie based on “FireFly” was called? NO! I said I loved “FireFly!” no Whedon bashing. Just logical conclusions from an unemotional context.

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