The Threeway: Top 3 Nostalgic Cartoons (Adam’s Take)

Nostalgia bothers me. I look back at the past and often long for the times of yesteryear. But, I know that revisiting things with older eyes ruins the memory. I’ve re-watched hundreds of movies that I loved as a kid, only to learn… “Krull” is really a crappy movie (among others).

As such… I’ve stopped using the way back machine to peek in on my childhood. But, when I do…

#3 – “Spider-man and His Amazing Friends” – My five year-old loves this show. As such, I’ve recently seen the entire run again. Spidey, Firestar and Ice Man make a great team. The villains cycle through not only the Spider-man rogues gallery but also throughout the Marvel Universe. It’s a delicious piece of nostalgia.

#2 – “Transformers” – This was my favorite show growing up (this and “Different Strokes” but that’s for another column). Growing up it was hard to find. The only way for me to watch it was via “The Bozo Show” on WGN. But, that damn clown didn’t show a complete episode. He only showed 8 minutes of one. Three days a week. So, it would take a week to watch one episode. Still, my love was great. I didn’t think anything could change that. However… The first time I revisited it (a few years ago) Anthony and I (500 miles away, through the magic of an IM connection and a few beers) watched the first disc Season One. What we realized was that it wasn’t very good and a surprisingly number of plot lines hinged around putting things up Bumblebee’s butt. Now, the five year-old has watched it a few times (yes, I completely shove my geekdom down his throat – stop judging me) and… it doesn’t hold up (granted, it is still light years better than “Beast Wars”).

#1 – “Battle of the Planets” – The best thing, nostalgically speaking, about this show is that I haven’t seen it in over 20 years. It’s still awesome in my mind’s eye. I want to keep it that way. The biggest thing I remembered – the group transforming into the fiery phoenix. Little did my American eyes know that in the original show the transformation was them being blasted by radiation and each time was literally killing them. For me, however, they were heroes. For me, they ARE heroes. They’ll stay that way, as long as the grip of nostalgia doesn’t grab me and make me watch it now.


9 thoughts on “The Threeway: Top 3 Nostalgic Cartoons (Adam’s Take)

  1. Wow…a week to watch a serialized episode of Transformers hosted by a freaking clown? I am starting to understand more and more why you are the man you are today. That’s a freaking grade school endurance race right there.

    Battle of the Planets is an interesting #1 – I could never stand Cheops, so this didn’t get heavy rotation in my house (Though SilverHawks did? Man, grade school me had poor taste.). If they’d just done a straight dub of Gatchaman instead, I might have had a greater appreciation. I mean, c’mon, a Science Ninja Team who is slowly killing themselves with every battle? That’s AWESOME.

    • Yea, watching TF via “The Bozo Show” was a lesson in patience. I’m sure it had to be somewhere else in the Chicagoland area – but I could never find it.

  2. Sorry this threeway wasn’t doing it for you. Was it me? Was it Anthony? Was it… the Chad?

    I don’t think I ever watched Battle of the Planets… they look like Speed Racer.

    • All you need to know is that, in the Japanese original, they were called the Ninja Science Team. It’s possibly the best team name of all time.

      I’m actually sad that we didn’t call ourselves the Ninja Science Team, now that I think about it.

    • It’s just… I love the idea of nostalgia, until I actually revisit something. Then I’m sad. So, we’ll blame Anthony, since this topic was his idea.

      • Well Janie and I both loved it and got solid articles out of it. You’re the only Moaning Myrtle that claims to have issues with nostalgia.

        Show me on this Optimus Prime where the clown touched you.

    • I wish Netflix would stream them. I don’t want to revisit them (as I want them to stay awesome in my mind) but there is no question I’d rip through the series if it were available.

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