Streaming Saturday: Warrior

Stop what you are doing. Go to NetFlix Instant (however you best connect) and start watching “Warrior.” Go ahead. I’ll wait. Go. Start it.
Watch NOW!There ya go. Now, I admit, at the start it is a bit uneven. But wait, wait. Be patient. You’ll be rewarded. “Warrior” takes the best parts of all the Rocky movies and boils it down to one fantastic movie. (Seriously, it has the drama of “Rocky,” the redemption of “Rocky II,” there’s a bunch of fights like in “Rocky III,” there’s a cold-war villain like “Rocky IV” and (essentially) street fighting like in “Rocky V”).

That isn’t to say that this is a Rocky knockoff. It isn’t. It’s its own movie completely. And, honestly, it shouldn’t “work” as well as it does. It is blatantly manipulative (as sports movies often are) and you’ll notice it. You’ll start cheering out loud and think “I’m being completely controlled into this action – and I don’t care.” First time I watched this I was worried I’d wake up my wife and kids as I was cheering so much.

Bonus for watching this now – Tom Hardy. His character here doesn’t have the agenda that he does as Bane in “Dark Knight Rises” but it doesn’t matter. He conveys so much rage in his eyes that you’ll be fear for the safety of the actors in the ring with him. It’s an amazing display of intensity.

This is the type of “little film” that makes Netflix Instant so great. Their catalog often gets criticized for not having “current movies” but then people don’t watch the outstanding current movies Netflix does carry – because they have “heard of that one.” You’ve now heard of “Warrior.”


5 thoughts on “Streaming Saturday: Warrior

  1. I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while. Won’t get me to throw money into Netflix though, I’ll rent it from Apple instead. : )

    • Do what you got to do. We might rename the column “Proving to Jon Bush that Netflix Instant has great movies” though. I think that has a nice sound to it.

      • If you can find me 5 movies on NetFlix that I might want to watch (meaning, no TV shows and no movies I’ve seen already) I might consider signing up for streaming. Every time I try that I can’t get past 3. “Warrior” is absolutely one though, this movie looks fantastic.

      • I can probably find 5 pretty easily. Every week we’ll highlight them. The entire 30 for 30 series on ESPN just went live. Do those count?

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