Sunday Showdown: AFI vs. IMDb


We’re starting a (yet another) new series here on Sweep the Leg called Sunday Showdown: AFI vs IMDb Top 100 Movies.

In 2010 I started keeping a list of the movies I watched. Ended up with 331 on my list. 2011’s list had a slightly less ridiculous total of 175. Almost all in both lists were fluff. In an effort to become a more well-rounded person this year, I decided to more closely regulate my film-viewing activities. And I’m dragging the rest of the Sweep the Leg team along with me.

In 2012, I was going to watch the American Film Institute’s (AFI’s) Top 100 films of all time, but that’s just too predictable. Instead, I decided do a comparison of the AFI list with the IMDb’s top 100 list (IMDb’s as it stood on 1/1/12, since it changes daily). These two lists are really a case of The Academic vs. The Masses. Only 42 films made it on both. AFI’s #1 is Citizen Kane – as well it should be. The IMDb’s #1 is The Shawshank Redemption – one of my personal favorites. This should be interesting! AFI’s list includes lots of wonderful early films (nearly 1/3 on the list are from 1950 and earlier) – but honestly ones you probably wouldn’t have heard of outside of a college film course. The IMDb top 100 list includes many fabulous contemporary and foreign films and… Back to the Future? Ummmm… okay.

Each week, counting down from 100, I’ll state whether I agree more with Da Scholars (AFI) or Da Masses (IMDb). The wonder twins will then chime in with their opinions.

So this week:  #100:  AFI – Ben Hur; IMDb – The Elephant Man.And I hit my first snag. The Elephant Man could not be found on Netflix,Blockbuster, my local library, or in any of the random houses I broke into. I had never seen The Elephant Man, so I was disappointed.

Ben Hur (cue dramatic head turn)

Ben Hur I had seen, but I watched again with hubby and our 11-year-old daughter. That movie was really, really long, and full of dramatic pauses and turning away of heads. The good guys owned white horses, the bad guys black ones and every time the Romans were on-screen music that sounded remarkably like the Imperial March from Star Wars played.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the pageantry of it, as well as the amazing chariot race, but it was just so predictable.

But, because The Elephant Man basically forfeits since I can’t watch it, I guess my vote for #100 goes to the AFI.

Score for me: AFI – 1, IMDb – 0.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Showdown: AFI vs. IMDb

  1. You are disparaging “Back to the Future” in your opening? That’s just not nice.

    I’ve seen “Elephant Man” but not in years (like 25). My best recollection of it was that I didn’t like it. I was also like 10 – so some of it may have been lost on me.

    Great first article! I look forward to disagreeing with you in the near future.

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