Streaming Saturday: Captain America


So it’s the weekend, you’re staring at your Netflix streaming queue, and realize that the only thing you have left is that “Madea Gets Bunions” movie that you added on a dare. Don’t worry, Streaming Saturday is here to help save your eyeballs.

Avengers, almost assemble! “Iron Man 2” has been on Netflix forever, “Thor” and his totally unphallic hammer have been flitting about for a month or so, but this Saturday is the first time that the titular head of the Avengers, Captain America, will be available for streaming.

Out of last summer’s Marvel movies, this was my favorite. Cap’s rise to the occasion was a bit ham-handed, the USO stint just dragged the plot down, but once Cap came into his own, I felt it was a really enjoyable action/WW II flick. And Chris Evans owned the part of the Captain (big-headed CGI during the “puny Steve” sequences aside). He managed to bring just enough Boy Scout to the role, but in a more “be prepared and do good” and less of a “golly gee, that Mr. Hitler’s a bad egg” kind of way. Hugo Weaving had some great scene chewing as well and I’d love to see him come back in some capacity in future Marvel flicks. Plus, with the announcement of Winter Soldier being the focus of the next movie, you’ll want to get up to date on Bucky Barnes’ backstory.

So fire up your Netflix feed machine and queue up “Captain America: The First Avenger” for a quality small screen popcorn flick. You won’t be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Streaming Saturday: Captain America

  1. Iron Man was the biggest surprise (for me) in the Marvel experiment. Cap was my favorite though (until Avengers). Yes, the USO stuff (especially on a repeat viewing) is tedious. Beyond that… it was just a lot of fun and it really worked.

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