Four-Color Face-Off: Tuesday Poll

Tomorrow we’ll be launching a new regular article wherein I go to my local comic-book shop, Dark Side Comics, pick two titles with which I have little history (one Marvel, one DC), then pit them against each other to determine which I would continue reading with the next issue.

I’ll be honest though; most titles, I have some knowledge of, so impartiality is pretty much moot. That’s where you come in. Choose one title from each of the following lists and whichever ones get the most votes by Wednesday morning, I’ll grab from the stacks (assuming it hasn’t sold out by lunch time). Check out the polls after the jump!


4 thoughts on “Four-Color Face-Off: Tuesday Poll

  1. You know – I can buy Marvel comics on my phone the day they’re released. DC also has “Day of Print” comics on their app; but they’re for last week’s releases.

    …they keep on saying it, but I don’t think it means what they think it means.

    • Ahhhhh – because DC holds their “Day of Print” comics till 2 PM. That makes sense, because why would I want to get my comics early? No, I much prefer to wait around until well after I’ve gotten my Marvel titles.

      Thanks, DC!

  2. Looks like the winners for this week are X-treme X-men (which was tied w/ AvX; but X-treme is a #1 issue, so I’m going w/ that) and Superman Family Adventures (sorry, Adam)!

    Keep an eye out for the Face-off sometime this evening!

    Don’t like the results? Make sure you vote next week!

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