Monday Morning Take 3: Fictional Cursewords (Adam’s Take)

A good topic for the Weekly Top 3 list. I think Anthony’s introduction sets it up nicely but I think he fails to reach the real point. When I think of my top 3 fictional curse words I think not about the ones that impacted the environment of that Universe – but has that word found its way into my lexicon. When I hit my thumb with a hammer – do I shout out “frell”? Never. Not once. It just isn’t strong enough. And “Slag”? I don’t even know where to start on that one. All I remember, swearing-wise, from the Transformer’s universe is in the ‘80s cartoon movie one of the characters throws out a “shit.” Apparently they thought Slag wasn’t worthy enough then either.

So… which fictional curse words are my Top 3? Which ones do I actually use? Here we go:

1)      Frak – There is no question here. Anthony leaving it off his list is just irresponsible. Sure, he mentions it in the Frell discussion, but not including it is just frakking wrong. It’s a frakking miscarriage of justice. Honestly, the (over) use of the word “frak” 100% influenced how much I liked “Battlestar Galactica.” It added a layer to the grit the show was going for. The added bonus is that it is sooooooo useful in the real world too. If you haven’t used “frak” in a sentence… you probably have stopped reading already.

2)      “Tar chi car gole, tu ne taag” – wait, what? I very well could have spelled this wrong. I have a hard time spelling words in English, much less figuring out the phonics of Huttese. In “Return of the Jedi” Jabba yells this at Luke. C3PO translates and… he doesn’t translate a curse word (I blame that gorram Lucas). But, in my mind, it always was. And, I use it as such – frequently. When I see a green light in the short distance turn to yellow – this spews forth. It just feels right. It’s a grumble. It’s that moment of “I was so close and this just annoys me.” Sure, as curse words go (for the real world) it is lax, but if fills a nice gap for me.

3)      Gorram – Anthony got this one right. “FireFly” introduced us to a fantastically versatile word that flows from my mouth just as easily as it did Mal’s. When you find yourself in a gorram situation, you know it. You’re screwed. There’s no good solution. You’re certain to die. Gorram, you will find a way out though. You won’t let anything get the best of you. You’ll power through it.

Now, let’s use them all in a sentence: Tar chi car gole, tu ne taag; I don’t understand how Anthony’s gorram mind frakking works.


One thought on “Monday Morning Take 3: Fictional Cursewords (Adam’s Take)

  1. Huttese that wasn’t even translated in the original trilogy that you’ve just adopted based on inflection? And you call MY posts about Transformers the nerdiest things ever? You’re frelling out of your gorram mind, you slag heap.

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