Video Games

Special Guest Post from Adam’s son Anthony (age 5):


Video Games

My favorite old school Atari games are Centipede, Astroids,  Breakout, Yar’s Revenge, Volleyball, and Dig Dug. Old school Atari is really fun.

Now onto Disney Quest. I like the fact that they have Super Hero games there! {chuckle chuckle ha ha}. We are going to Disney Quest for my 6th birthday. I have 8 months to wait but I am sooooooo excited! First thing we are gonna play there is Ride the Comics! Ride the Comics is a comic book world that you get to fly through and battle super villains, I heard.  I can’t wait to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean game ride. You get to fire cannon balls at Pirate ships.

The Jungle Cruise sounds really fun too! You even get a little wet on it. It’s like you are in a tugboat in a giant video game!

Here are me and Mommy playing Old School Pacman!



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