No Jokes

I am a movie fan. I love them. I adore seeing films in theaters, jammed with other people. I’ve gone to my share of Midnight films. The excitement of being “one of the first” to see it. It’s a social experience unlike any other to me. To see something for the first time, with 500 other people as crazy as I am to stay up until 3:00 AM on a work night. I never thought that was a form of innocence until this morning.

My deepest condolences go out to the friends, families and victims of the Aurora shootings last night.

I can’t find the words to describe how this makes me feel. I’ve always felt a kinship with other movie fans. Even though I don’t know anyone involved, it still feels like this happened to an extended part of my family. I could have just as easily been in a midnight showing. In a few years I’m sure I’ll take my son to such screenings. There is definitely a loss of innocence for me – as theaters have always been a place for me to escape to. A place where adventure, excitement, drama and horror play out on screen. Not in the aisles.


2 thoughts on “No Jokes

  1. My God, what the hell is going on! I have never been this upset, how dare you try to take from me the things I hold dear to my heart! James Holmes you sadistic fuck, you are not in a comic book, you are not in a film, you are on an earth where we go watch and read these thing to get away from the crap of the real world and now you are taking that away! I lately have not cared about the news, don’t want to …why the news sucks. Meh somebody died, meh someone was in a fire, meh stocks are down. Dammit I went with my wife last night and saw Ghostbusters, and leaving they were setting up the theatre for the midnite showing of Batman Rises. I thought to myself Meh, I’ll see it later. When did I loose it my passion I stood outside the Colonial 18 as the line wrapped around the theatre to see the midnite showing of Armagddeon, I saw Star Wars Episode 1 with friends. It went away at some point but this Pussbucket of a man has brought it back. You don’t go into a theatre and shoot my family and friends. Yes I had family and friends there! Those of you reading this blog did too. We are Nerds we go dressed up to movies we read comics, we buy toys, no matter what type you are a nerd and we were hit hard last night.We go to Dragon*Con, SDCC, Heroescon, MoMo con, we love this shit! Well I am with Adam, you Mr. Holmes cannot stop me and my friends we will go back into the theatre we will watch midnite movies we will dress up, the next day we will Tweet, Facebook, blog, call, whatever and tell our friends, and family. Tomorrow I will get up and go to work and see what movie I want to see, a bit scared at first, but wasn’t Bruce, Clark,Optimus, Hal, Logan, Conrad scared at some point. They became great, Batman, Superman, Leader of the Autobots, Green Lantern, Wolverine, Duke, yeah they are not real…but we are. So NERDS ASSEMBLE!, I heard there is a great movie coming out next weekend.

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