Hold the Pepper

Iron Man 3With Iron Man 3 currently shooting, and SDCC bombarding us with every twist and turn you can shake a geek at, new plot points and factoids are bound to come out. What’s the new armor look like? Who’s the villain? How incredibly awesome will it be to hear Downey spouting off Shane Black dialogue again?

Then you hear the thing that makes you fall to your knees and shriek to the heavens “noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!” The LA Times is floating out the rumor that Pepper Potts may get her own armor in the next installment. WTF? Don’t tell me that it happened in the comics a few years ago (and that her character “Rescue” is a reoccurring character). I don’t care. I care about what will make a good movie. More Gweneth Paltrow is already bad enough. But more Pepper? Saving the day? The only way this is a good idea is if the bad guy shoots her out of the sky and Iron Man goes on fury of vengeance.

What say you? Am I missing the boat here? Or, is this truly a horrible idea?


One thought on “Hold the Pepper

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