Final Punch: Lemon Pepper

Wow, your post is all over the map. You want your daughter to have female superhero role models that kick ass, not just have a pretty one? That’s the argument? And you cite Avengers? Where Black Widow takes out like a billion armed soldiers? That wasn’t the ass kicking you were looking for? You need Pepper in Iron too?

You have some strange fetishes.

I agree that Pepper helps make the Stark character. I got that. Here’s the problem – in 1 she’s a secretary. She’s the thing that keeps Tony in check. She even gets a good a good line (the taking out the trash one). In 2 she’s promoted to CEO of a multi-national, billion dollar publicly traded company. WHAT? As a character she’s completely out of her element. NOW she’s also going to put on a suit and fly around and save the day? In comic book world – fun idea. In movie world – bad idea.

For instance:

  1. Good Superman vs Bad Superman – comics, good idea. In Superman III – bad idea.
  2. Yoda in a light saber duel – fanboy wet dream – good idea. In the prequels – bad idea.

I could go on, but I won’t. The point is that you need to be grounded somewhere. Pepper is what grounds Tony. If she’s off saving the world… he loses that.

I say let your daughter look at Pepper CEO. Aspire to that. If you want her to kick ass… let her model Hit Girl.


5 thoughts on “Final Punch: Lemon Pepper

  1. Two things:

    1. Pepper was a crappy CEO. The only reason she got the job was because Tony decided it was beneath him (because in Marvel, all those who aspire to corporate success are evil). Like I said, if you want to be really successful in the Marvel movie-verse, you’ve got to be able to trade punches (and, yes, I focused on Widow’s ass instead of her ass-kicking – just once I’d like a superheroine to prove she’s got the goods before having shake her money-maker).

    2. As awful as Superman III and the FARKING PREQUELS were. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they had other things wrong with them other than “comic logic gone awry.” Just because something fails doesn’t mean it COULDN’T have worked if it had been implemented properly. You give the ingredients for a souffle to a gorilla…you ain’t getting back French haute cuisine.

    Also, if your problem with Pepper as Rescue is that she’d be further out of her element than when she ran Stark Industries I posit that the opposite is true. I’m going to bet she’s had more experience punching shit than she has wrangling board members.

    (Wait, that was three things. Well, fuck it, might as well go for four.)

    As far as grounding goes – by the threequel, you’ve got to pull out all the stops to keep the inertia moving you forward (especially if people start going back and refreshing their memory with Iron Man 2). We’ve got Roddy in the Iron Patriot armor, supervillain Ghandi, why not put Pepper in armor? We lost any grounded base in the series around the time Whiplash french kissed a parrot.

  2. Adam WTF Superman 3 as a film was horrid, but the whole good superman , bad superman was awesome! Christopher Reeves gave an amazing life to those characters that I have not seen since. The only Great Superman is a two dimensional one, No movie and I mean NO movie will ever live up to the Man of Steel on paper or animation. That said, Anthony- the Marvel franchise is about what new crap and we stick in a movie so the lemmings will keep jumping off the cliff for us. Pepper in the suit may not make since but it will show up because they want to see it. Where is the story driven Tony Stark of the comic book? I want to see a Stark who is so drunk that Jarvis has to control the suit! A Stark that the Avengers have to have an intervention for, where is that stuff I’ll go see that! That is what drives a story….story not gimmiks, if it were gimmicks there would be no comic books. Unfortunately I may be the only one thinking this, probably because I am the only one still reading comic books. I am aware as Dr. Spengler stated “Print is dead.” this is slowly happening and it is nice to see that e-readers are now opening up limited comic content, but if the Bat does not get his back broken, and hand off the mantle you have used Bane incorrectly. Comic movies are all about getting the rights for toys and merch now any way, the almighty dollar has won, any idea that some child was gonna learn a lesson or get some new values with these films is out the window. I love both sets of media, but dammit try to give me something I remember that I read, Iron Man is a drunk, Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider BY ACCIDENT, and Batman had to charge his Atomic batteries for the batmobile, old chum.

  3. I say they go all Fear Within on the series (In that mini series, everyone in the Marvel Universe got a Thor-esque Hammer and head-scratching “Nordic Tron” costumes). It was ridiculously stupid. Hammers suck. Armor rules. So why not give everyone armor? Pepper gets armor! Happy gets armor! Slutty reporter from the first movie gets armor! Coulson gets coffin armor! We introduce Armor, the Iron Dog!

  4. ‘Los, much anger I sense in you.

    RDJ has come right out and said that the Demon in a Bottle story doesn’t fit with what they’re doing in the movie-verse. And he’s right, if they had led with that, with Tony filling his faceplate with last night’s vodka dinner and then getting trucked off to the BETTY SMASH PUNY ALCOHOL rehab clinic, people would not have gone as nuts for the series as they have. The potential is there – RDJ has certainly lived it enough to be able to bring a special nuance to it. Will we see it? Probably not.

    But the reason that the Marvel movies have succeeded where DC has failed is because they bring that basic feeling of reading a comic to the big screen. Unfortunately, the trade-off is less of a deep-dive into the story. Would I like more measured stories? Sure. Even if it meant that we wouldn’t get things like a 5-movie set that leads into a blockbuster that ties them all together? No way. The first Avengers cycle is something I’ve wanted to see happen in comic book movies since, well, forever!

    I would counter that where Marvel is really failing is with their “Summer Event” books. Currently in AvX Iron Man has strapped on Gundam armor to shoot the Phoenix Force in the face. Someone actually thought that was enough to hang an issue on. And while these set pieces look good on the page, when I’m kicking back on the couch, I have time to pick things apart and really pay attention. If they keep glossing over the details, they’re going to have a big mess on their hands.

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