Movie Quote Monday (Tuesday Edition)

OK, so I’m a day late with Movie Quote Monday. That happens (and will likely happen again). I could use some awesome quote about being late on something… but I won’t. It is the Olympics though – so I’ll use a sports quote:

Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greens keeper, now, about to become the Masters champion…

I’d include a photo… but that seems like a dead giveaway. This one should be pretty easy already.

Remember – play along by adding more quotes from the same movie in the comments.


Four-Color Face-Off: Tuesday Poll

It’s that time again! Hit the jump, pick two titles (one Marvel, one DC) for me to procure, then I’ll pit them against each other on Wednesday to determine which I would continue reading with the next issue.

There are some interesting titles this week. There’s a new issue of “Age of Apocalypse” which revists one of my favorite classic alt-verses in Marvel. Also, issue #12 of “Animal Man,” billed as one of the true winners in DC’s reboot fiasco. And…”Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe?” Oooooooh.

Polls are after the jump!

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The Threeway: Top 3 Superhero Movies (Janie’s Take)

Okay, my turn.   I understand both Adam & Anthony’s opinions and agree with some of them.  But some…not so much.

Here’s my take on Superhero films (which I fear is going to lead to me receiving some sort of Pollyanna label): I like my heroes to be heroes. There are exceptions to that rule, because I don’t mind my heroes to be a wee bit naughty (a la Tony Stark). But I’m a little sick of the tortured hero.  I get it, we all struggle with the battle of good and evil within each of us.  But with where I am in my life, I want less Dark Knight and more Captain America.

I guess I said that to prepare everyone for why none of the Dark Knight pics made it onto my list. Without further ado, my favorites:

#3: The Fifth Element

Okay, go ahead and scoff, but I’m putting it on the list anyway. Leeloo is perhaps more alien than superhero, but the fact is: she has superhuman strength, is willing to sacrifice herself to fight evil, and she has a costume*. Thus, in my book, she’s a superhero. Add that to Bruce Willis’ antihero and you’ve got a great mix. I loved this movie in 1997. Still do.

Plus, let’s face it, part of my job on this blog is to bring the ladies into the geek conversation as much as possible.  If we want to have a real discussion, let’s talk about the serious lack of female superhero movies. I mean, what do you want me to put on the list, ElectraCatwoman? Barb Wire???

* – if you don’t believe that’s a costume, wait until I wear it for Comic Con 2014

#2 The Incredibles

I know, I know, the mother of four speaks.  But I want to say first that I am not a big animated film fan, so for me to put this on the list should be a statement of how much I like it.  This is storytelling at its very best. It’s gut-bustingly funny, appeals to adults and children, has awesome action, but most importantly has heart. A classic from the moment it hit the screen.

Ummm… and did I mention I loved this movie so much we named our youngest daughter JacJac?

#1 The Avengers

Two words: Joss Whedon.  You’ve either seen it and love it or you don’t have a pulse. ‘Nuff said.

(And every night I say a prayer to the Hollywood gods that they will make a Black Widow/Hawkeye spinoff. In the name of Spielberg, Scorsese, and Hitchcock. Amen.)

The Threeway: Top 3 Superhero Movies (Anthony’s Take)

Because 10 items is just too damn much for Monday morning.

While I agree with some of what my compatriot says, I have no compunctions about adding new or recent movies to my top lists. Nor do I have some sort of nostalgic hang-up where Christoper Reeves’ Superman brings back memories of hot vinyl backseats and trapped B.O.

However, I will readily admit that my love for various characters, and various portrayals of them, will promote movies to a higher standing than they likely deserve. Then again, we’re talking superhero movies; not “Citizen Kane.” Characters are the tent poles upon which the gauzy veil of plot and logic is draped.

My list after the jump!

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The Threeway: Top 3 Superhero Movies

This weekend’s Top 3 is something, that I imagine, we’ll revisit in time. It is also one that I think will have some fun disagreements.

The top 3 superhero movies is an interesting idea. There is no question that superhero films are in the midst of a fantastical rebirth (that can be traced to either “X-Men” or “Iron Man” depending on your viewpoint. But, ever before that, a smattering of great “Superman” films by Richard Donner graced the screen (and let’s not forget the first real superhero juggernaut film in Tim Burton’s “Batman.”)

Spoiler Alert… “The Dark Knight” doesn’t appear on my list. This is really for two reasons:

  1. It is 30 minutes to long. More to the point, you can actually take whole chunks out of that movie and you wouldn’t miss a beat (like anything to do with China). It is horrible bloat that makes the final product suffer.
  2. It is obvious that Nolan would love to make a Batman movie without the pesky Batman. That comes up again in “Dark Knight Rises.” Batman is completely “shoe horned” in to an otherwise great movie. “Dark Knight” may be the greatest Michael Mann movie that Mann didn’t direct. As a crime-thriller, it is great. As a Superhero movie… it isn’t.
  3. (I know I said 2…) I honestly enjoyed “Dark Knight Rises” a lot more. DKR isn’t as good of a film, but it’s a better movie.

So, what are my Top 3…?

Assemble3. “The Avengers” – I hate, hate, hate putting a recent movie on this list. I feel that movies (especially Superhero ones, for some reason) live “in the moment” of the cultural mindset. I’m afraid that upon re-watching this I won’t like it as much. I fear that a viewing at home will render a fantastic cinematic experience moot. I hope not. For now – I love the “Avengers” and it has assembled in the Top 3. It is almost perfect (although, again, it is bloated. Trimming 15 minutes from this would have upped the amazing). The dialogue, the action, the set pieces, the end battle – this is a great comic book movie.

2. “Superman 2” – this has an assist to “Superman” as well. They are interchangeable to me in the terms of this list. I think “Superman” is the best origin story ever filmed (and, honestly, one of the two things I think “Superman Returns” got right was not retelling it). “Superman 2” was the perfect action Superman IIfollow up. I vividly remember being trapped on a month long car trip vacation the summer “Superman 2” opened. Somewhere halfway through it (probably around Virginia) my parents bought me a “Superman 2” movie magazine. I read it constantly the rest of the time time. That memory means more to me now, as I buy my son similar magazines, and I watch him rifle through them. I’ve recently re-watched “Superman II” with my son and it still holds up.

1. “Spider-Man 2” – From start to finish Sam Raimi knocked this out of the park. It is, without a doubt, the most “Character-centric” superhero film ever. Character drives everything in this movie and it does it fantastically. But, that’s only half the equation. If this was just a great character study it wouldn’t have made the list. It is also exciting, fun, thrilling… let’s sum it up with “spectacular” or “amazing” or some other adjective that has appeared as a comic book title with the Spiderman masthead.Spiderman 2

Feel free to disagree below. Maybe you think that I should have throw in “Dark Knight,” or “Iron Man” or “Condorman.” Throw down with some thoughts below.

Streaming Saturday: Captain America


So it’s the weekend, you’re staring at your Netflix streaming queue, and realize that the only thing you have left is that “Madea Gets Bunions” movie that you added on a dare. Don’t worry, Streaming Saturday is here to help save your eyeballs.

Avengers, almost assemble! “Iron Man 2” has been on Netflix forever, “Thor” and his totally unphallic hammer have been flitting about for a month or so, but this Saturday is the first time that the titular head of the Avengers, Captain America, will be available for streaming.

Out of last summer’s Marvel movies, this was my favorite. Cap’s rise to the occasion was a bit ham-handed, the USO stint just dragged the plot down, but once Cap came into his own, I felt it was a really enjoyable action/WW II flick. And Chris Evans owned the part of the Captain (big-headed CGI during the “puny Steve” sequences aside). He managed to bring just enough Boy Scout to the role, but in a more “be prepared and do good” and less of a “golly gee, that Mr. Hitler’s a bad egg” kind of way. Hugo Weaving had some great scene chewing as well and I’d love to see him come back in some capacity in future Marvel flicks. Plus, with the announcement of Winter Soldier being the focus of the next movie, you’ll want to get up to date on Bucky Barnes’ backstory.

So fire up your Netflix feed machine and queue up “Captain America: The First Avenger” for a quality small screen popcorn flick. You won’t be disappointed.

Death in the Time of Robotech

In the 80s, 3:30 PM was a magical time.

Mom wasn’t home from work yet, my brother and I had let ourselves in (Oh, the horror of the latch-key children! The horror!), and afternoon cartoons were on. Channel 40 had Transformers and G.I. Joe reruns, which were by far superior to all other offerings. Giant transforming robots! Military action/adventure! Red and blue lasers! As far as we knew, this was as good as it got.

Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff.

One day, for whatever reason, we were on channel 13 (probably because we were playing “Russian Roulette” with the TV dials…dear Lord, how fucking old am I?) and we saw a commercial for something called “Robotech.” It had giant transforming robots! And military action/adventure! And spaceships! Obviously, we talked about nothing else until we tuned into the premier that Friday morning (oh yeah, 8 AM cartoon blocks ruled too).

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Four-Color Face-Off: X-Treme X-Men vs. Superman Family Adventures

Each week, you pick two comics for me to review. On New Comic Book Day, I grab the winners and pit them against each other in a no-holds-barred grudge match to see who I’d read again. Two comics enter! One comic leaves!

Welcome to the inaugural Four-Color Face-Off. And thanks to all seven of you who voted in the poll. Made it a lot easier to rig the results so that I got the comics I wanted. On with the show!

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Superman’s Deadliest Catch

Look! Down in the water! It’s fish! It’s a boat! It’s Superman?

Holy cow did Warner Brothers miss with their “Man of Steel” teaser. Seriously, it’s awful. It may be the WORST teaser ever. This isn’t even hyperbole. Can anyone name a worse teaser? Is anyone teased in a good way about this? Does anyone think “ohmygoshanewSupermanIcan’twaittilnextsummernow!!!”?

I’m guessing not.Superman

First, the bad. Everything. I guess it looks nice. And, if this was a movie called “Life of Fisherman” or something – it might be awesome. Heck, if it was called “Man of Steel” and was about a Fisherman. I strongly believe that most theater-goers watching this were legitimately confused until the red S symbol appears. Then, once it does, you’re left with the thought “wait, was that fish stuff?”

The only (and I’m reaching here) intriguing thing about it is that WB created two versions. One has a voice over from Kevin Costner (Pa Kent) and the other from Russell Crowe (Jor-El).The two different voice overs showcase the man the different Fathers would want their boy to become. That’s almost interesting. But, not really. And, for those keeping score, the Jor-El one is faaaaaaaar more interesting (as it least it gives us the Christ analogy that often follow the Superman mythos) and it is still awful.

I always thought Zack Snyder would bring the wrong aesthetic to Superman. I didn’t realize he would bring an entirely different wrong aesthetic though.

Here they both are. Press play and cringe. Am I wrong? (No, I’m not.) Has cinematic history ever had a worse teaser? (It’s possible – but I can’t think of one.)

First, the really bad one.

Then, the mostly bad one.
What do you all think? Can you name a worse teaser?